Word of Encouragement (07/25/2022)

Pastor James
July 25, 2022

Another morning prayer of John Baillie’s to begin the week:

“HOLY Father, from whom all good things come, let the Christian gifts of faith, hope, and love be more firmly established in me every day.

O God, I believe—

that you rule all things in wisdom and righteousness;

that you have called me to be your loyal servant;

that you have the right to call me to complete obedience to your will;

that in Jesus Christ you have shown me a way of salvation, so that I may be delivered from my sins;

that if I truly repent, you are willing to forgive and save me.

O God, I hope—

for you daily mercies to continue;

for the loosening of sin’s grip upon my will;

for my growth in grace and in true holiness from day to day;

for a more perfect holiness, when my earthly days are finished;

for a day when I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.

O God, I love you—

who yourself are love;

who in love created me, and in love still cherish me;

who loved me so much that you sent your Son to suffer and die so that I might live with you; who have commanded me to show my love to you by loving my neighbor for your sake.

“Help me in my unbelief, O God; give me greater patience in my hope; and make me more faithful in my love. In loving let me believe and in believing let me love; and in loving and in believing let me hope for a more perfect love and a more unwavering faith; through Jesus Christ my Lord. Amen.”