Word of Encouragement (06/03/2022)

Pastor James
June 3, 2022

Here is another evening prayer of John Baillie’s to finish up another week:

“O God of mercy, you care for me as if you had no other to care for, and yet you care for all others as you care for me; so I bring to you my needs and also the needs of the world of humankind to which I belong.

“Remember me in your mercy, O God, and keep me in your grace. Forgive the poor use I have made today of the talents you have entrusted to me. Cover up the inadequacy of my service by the fullness of your resources. Yet grant also that day by day I may be strengthened by your help, so that my service may grow less unworthy and my sins less grievous. May Christ more and more reign in my heart and purity my deeds.

“Remember in your mercy all humankind, O God. Let the whole earth be filled with your praise and made glad by the knowledge of your name. Let there fall upon all people a sense of your excellent greatness. Let the nations be in awe of you. Let your glory rule over every seat of power and every workplace. Let your law be honored in every home. Redeem the whole world’s life, O God, and transform it utterly through the power of the cross.

“O Lord, you graciously use our small human efforts toward the attainment of your purposes. I pray for all who are devoting their lives to proclaiming the gospel in every land, especially _____ and _____. I pray for all who are working for the cause of peace and understanding between nations, and for all who are striving to break down the dividing walls between enemies and to make all one in Christ Jesus. Encourage them with the joy of your presence, and kindle in me the urgent desire to further and support their hard work as far as I am able; through Jesus Christ. Amen.”