Word of Encouragement (05/27/2022)

Pastor James
May 27, 2022

Another prayer from John Baillie:

“O DIVINE Love, as you stand outside the closed doors of human hearts and knock, grant me the grace to throw open all the doors of my heart. Tonight let me draw back every bold and bar that until now has robbed my life of air and light and love.

“Open my ears, O God, so that I can hear your voice calling me to attempt great things. Too often when you have spoken to me I have been deaf to your appeals; but now give me the courage to answer, He I am; send me. Help me to hear when any of my human brothers and sisters, your children, call out in need. Help me to heart your voice in their cry.

“Open my mind, O God, so that I may welcome any new insights or knowledge that you wish to give me. May I not cling to the past so tightly that I limit the life ahead of me. Give me courage to change my mind when that is needed. Help me to be tolerant to the thoughts of others and open to the truths they may teach me.

“Open my eyes, O God, so that I may see you in your wonderful creation around me. Let all lovely things fill my heart with joy, and may they turn my mind to your everlasting loveliness. Forgive me for the times when I have been blind to the grandeur and glory of creation, the charm of little children, and the beauty of human lives, and so have failed to see you in all these reminders of your presence.

“Open my hands, O God: hands ready to share with others all the blessings you have so richly given me. Deliver me from all mean and selfish instincts. All my money is yours and all my possessions belong to you; help me to be a faithful steward of your generosity. All honor and glory be to you forever. Amen.”